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Leonard Sheil’s Exhibition

Posted Date
6 Mar 09
Photo Meta Data
  • Camera: NIKON D700
  • Exposure: 0.125sec (1/8)
  • Aperture: f/10.0
  • Focal length: 24mm
  • ISO: 100

Paul Kane Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Photographed Leonard Sheil’s “New Works” exhibition in the Paul Kane Gallery on Merrion Square in Dublin city centre. Leonard is a well-established Irish Artist who has exhibited internationally also. His website is check it out to see examples of his work. The following describes the essence of the exhibition:

“_This multi media work investigates mythical, territorial, and marginal boundaries between solid and fluid, hidden and revealed. Altering, reassembling and dispersing, the sea diversifies and reacts to the constant erosion.
It filters and scrambles material remains by disintegration, destruction, decomposition, and decay.
The work process, since the early 1990’s, has an affinity with these transformations.”_

If you get a chance, you should try and get to see Leonard’s work anytime he is exhibiting.


Picture of Jestratijevic Caslav- Gibanica

Jestratijevic Caslav- Gibanica says…

23 Nov 09

I have an Irish air in my heart mixed with Serbian air in the blood of my son Nim.

I remember the room number that you lived for the mounths next to me,I remember the last meal together,and yr attempt to save something already over…

Do you remember the taste of gibanica Len,my brother??

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